Freelance Developer


I've been working freelance projects for a few years now. I generally do smaller projects for a select clientele demographic (MyBB, WordPress, static single profile pages, etc.) but I'm open to considering larger projects.

My main focus of services is geared towards website design but I do engage in PHP based web development. On rare occasion I will host websites for others incapable of, or who just flat out don't want to, manage their own site.

Considering Hiring Me?

Feel free to send me an email to the address provided above! I typically respond within 3-5 business days but no later than 7 business days (if it has been over that your email may not have delivered).

Prices are subject to change continously so I cannot provide them here but I can give you a detailed list of my current prices via email. Some projects may fall under a different price plan doing set rates instead of hourly rates.